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Over the past 28 years, Tag Advertising has built long-lasting client relationships through enthusiastically implementing  advertising and marketing efforts with smart creative, sound strategy and winning results. We’ve partnered with such clients as the Alberta Teachers' Association, Calgary Board of Education, Public Teachers, Edge School of Athletes, United Way, and Inn From The Cold to name only a few.  


Each of these clients came to Tag with a specific goal and we responded to each of them with an approach that was strategic, creative, and capable of exceeding their business outreach objectives – just as we will do with DCG/Cardel. Below are case studies relevant to both educational and philanthropic endeavours from the clients listed above. 

Our experience in creating successful advertising and marketing for education and philanthropic clients, partnered with people like you will be the key to a winning collaboration. Tag is ready to make certain our talents help your foundation to reach its next level of success.


Tag... we're it! 

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Alberta Teachers' Association


TAG has had a working relationship with the ATA for over 11 years now. What started as a simple communications package has now evolved over time to partners in strategic thinking and brand building relationship.


Given our history it would take far too long to give you the full account of what we have done. However, to provide some insight as to break-through thinking we have included two projects from our more recent campaigns.


Stop The Cuts

The ATA has always struggled to make sure their communications reach the right targets. In election years, that target expands more than a little. For Public schools, funding has always been a priority. But the public holds little sympathy for any organization just asking for more money. Our job was to create a way that made villains out of budget cuts. Our strategy was simple: state plainly what was happening with numbers. Just the facts. Although we presented those facts with a child’s drawing and voice.


Although the message was fairly simple it was the first time the public was really introduced to something that would later on be the single most called out feature in the ATA’s fight for funding —That was class size.


We had successfully projected positive images around teaching and the need for great teachers in the school system, but this was the first time the parents of kids in Public Schools saw their kids being affected. Every research group after would always mention class size as the single most important issue facing education today. It helped rally the troops and gave the teachers a far better perception than previously held. In communications we have put forth since that time we endeavour to keep that issue top of mind.

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Calgary Public Schools Local 38


We organized the organizers. A complex ask to make simple. We were charged with creating a standard they could follow and monitor themselves over time. They didn’t want a new logo but we had to find a way to make everything they touched cohesive. Although they required an amazing amount of distinct materials the most important document was their new Brand Standards book.



The Edge School

While we recognize the importance of the academic/athletic nature of the school we also saw the opportunity to advertise and market the unique ability the Edge has to motivate.

So within these is the motivational message of, “DO MORE”. Similar to the Nike campaign of “Just Do It” these messages make the audience question the value of how they go about their lives right now. For parents of this target we had hoped they’d see the kid stereotypes and would encourage their children to pursue the Edge path of behavior. Afterall, who hasn’t told their kids, “ It’s so nice out, stop playing on your phone and go out and play.”


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United Way

Raise awareness and generate a deeper understanding of issues faced by Calgary’s vulnerable populations while driving charitable donations in the workplace and elsewhere.

Strategy: Highlight pressing social issues through positive messaging that educates the public on ways they can make a difference and opportunities to practice corporate responsibility. Tag executed a series of workplace posters, transit collateral (including a full superbus wrap), billboards and television spots.



Inn From The Cold

Tag has provided the Inn with strategic advertising and communications support for five years. Working closely together, we developed the new Inn brand and strategy that has elevated the Inn’s profile, and raised awareness and funds by broadening the organization’s support base. 


Creative: In noticeable contrast to typical (and ubiquitous) fear- and sadness-based approaches to social issues awareness campaigns, Get Caught Red Handed takes an entirely different approach. Real-world scenes show everyday people engaged in the act of affecting social change – getting caught ‘red handed’ making the city a better place for everyone. The accompanying tagline of ‘A Great City is within Reach’ relays hope for a bright future.

United Way saw record donations which provided temporary shelter and support to more than 1,600 individuals, enabled 1,600 seniors to participate in community events, helped 750 individuals receive training to gain meaningful employment. Unanimous board consensus to continue to evolve the campaign.

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The “Better Way” campaign is the next evolution in the Inn’s branding and fundraising. Assignment: Like many Calgary charities, Inn from the Cold was faced with a two-punch hit from the declining economy: more families were seeking help and resources, while donations were declining. Inn from the Cold asked Tag to develop its first paid-advertising campaign to increase awareness about the gritty reality facing homeless families, as well as help to raise funds. Strategy: Tag developed a fundraising campaign featuring online and outdoor advertising, media relations, viral communication and grassroots tactics to raise awareness that there was  “a better way” for homeless families in our community.

Creative: This campaign contrasts the stark realities of homelessness against common sales messages that audiences see everyday. With the goal of grabbing people by their lapels and shaking them out of their indifference, the campaign speaks Calgarians’ entrepreneurial language while prompting them to re-evaluate the things they take for granted.  

​The Inn saw significant increases in donations (500% in one month). Donation base extended well beyond Calgary community to reach ex-pat Calgarians around the world. Up to 30% increase in website visits. Editorial coverage on the Inn’s campaign in several media outlets including the Calgary Herald and CBC radio and television. Accolades for marketing campaign in trade publication Marketing Magazine, as well as Business in Calgary. Increased financial donations from supporting individuals and organizations. Inquiries from other non-profits on strategy behind campaign.

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Pages from IFTC Campaign Poster LR
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Calgary Board of Education

Word of mouth brought them to our door only after their internal communications couldn’t solve their need. They required a website and other supplemental material to announce and expand on their thoughts on a new curriculum. We started with a logo and carried our ideas through to a full website that they could in-turn, populate and update.


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Face of Education

Six years later we were again faced with more uncertainty of funding. With an election due any moment, the ATA needed to secure the publics trust and make sure whomever they voted for would hold school funding a priority. However, there are even more rules around what is perceived as electoral advertising so we had to tread carefully. In a bold move we suggested that maybe the Government wasn’t the real face of education but we are. We are the ones you should trust when it comes to those decisions. Again just saying that would ruin every good thing we’ve done. So we wrapped the message in a child’s story. Again the first time the ATA has ever done that. The scripts were written around every single message the ATA needed to present. And if you listen carefully past the emotions you can hear our needs brought forth. By letting the kids say their teachers are great the ATA in turn looks good.


These videos launched as 2 minute movies, 30 sec pre-rolls online and even as ads in Cinema Theatres. The response has been overwhelming. We have since taken the ‘Face of Education’ onto billboards, magazines and even grocery bars. The campaign also earned a nomination for a Rosie Award for 'Best Television Commercial'. 

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