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Overview of capabilities

We are an integrated, full-service agency. That just means we’ve got what services you want and the skills you need when you need it. Creative directors, art directors, copy writers, production artists, account managers, digital media specialists, website and app developers, media buyers and public relations at your beck and call. Your creative and management team will be assigned after initial meetings so we can find the best fit for your business and brand requirements.

Meet the team

AJ Sloane

Director of Client Service

— B.B.A Marketing with 10-years of experience working in advertising and marketing. He has worked on dozens of local, national and international clients in a myriad of different industries. As an account manager, AJ thrives on a passion for creativity and design, paired with an affinity for customer service and communication.

Branden Sloane

Manager of Tag’s Digital Department

— graduated from UofC with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a diploma from Mount Royal University in web development. Branden is a Google-accredited specialist with expertise in search engine optimization, google analytics, AdWords and display networks. His expertise is over a decade-long, helping client’s stay at the forefront of technological advances for marketing and advertising.

Ken Wentz 

Creative Director

—Ken's had a varied 30 year career in Marketing. Raised on Legacy marketing he has adapted his creativity to include, online ads, social streams of sale and muliti-media channel exploration. However one thing never changes, the thinking still has to be there. Which works in his favour as his real skill set is in imagining. He has a proven track record in just that. Over his storied career he’s put butts in airline seats, drivers behind the wheels of new cars, secured Canadians with innovative mortgages, dressed over half the population of Canada, made dreamers into millionaires, got one more glass of milk on the table and one more beer on the patio, and helped lift one of the largest cattle producing sectors to international acclaim.

Beyond the perfect execution Ken helps brands get back to understanding WHY they exist, so we can help them find their WAY. It's a process that has taken years to craft and one that, in the end, clients deserve.

Todd Sloane

Owner + Creative Lead

After attending the Alberta University of the Arts, Todd honed his creative talents in the Ad biz and soon rose in rank to Senior Creative Director. Seeing a missing link between Ad agencies and clients. So, Todd started Tag Advertising using ‘building relationships' as the mantra for his new ‘hot shop’ independent agency. 


The right vision and cultural fit for the brand-agency relationship is still a key factor that will determine the success of all campaigns. Over 26 years strong, this unique relationship style has not only attracted the attention of several regional and national clients, but also awarded him with the Western Canada Entrepreneur of the Year.


'We are proud to boast of our long-term relationships with our clients … several clients have been with us for over 15 years … working with them to grow their brands from the ground up’. 

When Todd is not building strong relationships and even stronger branding campaigns, he’s on the hunt for the next unique find to feature and weave into his sculptures. Yes, he sculpts art pieces as artfully as he builds brands.





The ABC's of Education

Although many of us here at TAG have family and friends who are teachers we’ve never professed to fully understand the complexity of education. You’d think that our long list of education clients would make us education specialists. No, we’re marketing specialists. We treat our education clients the same way we would all our others. Get true insight into the problem then find innovative solutions that garner results. Maybe that’s why we’ve had success in this field. So, while yes the clients may always differ, we know that most have the same problems. You have audiences that need to hear and act on your messages. We find those audiences and target them, without waste, with a message meant for their ears.

While we’d love to show you everything we’ve done in this sector we know your time is limited so we’ve only brought a few significant examples to the table today.


Alberta Teachers Association

TAG has had a working relationship with the ATA for over 11 years now. What started as a simple needs communications package has evolved, over time, to a partners in strategic thinking and brand building relationship.


Given our history it would take far too long to give you the full account of what we have done. However to provide some insight as to break-though thinking we have included a project from 2013 and our more recent campaign.



Stop The Cuts

The ATA has always struggled to make sure their communications reach the right targets. In election years that target expands more than a little. For Public schools funding has always been a priority. But the public holds little sympathy for any organization just asking for more money. Our job was to create a way that made villains out of budget cuts. Our strategy was simple: state plainly what was happening with numbers. Just the facts. Although we presented those facts with a child’s drawing and voice.


Although the message was fairly simple it was the first time the public was really introduced to something that would later on be the single most called out feature in the ATA’s fight for funding. That was class size.


We had successfully projected positive images around teaching and the need for great teachers in the school system but this was the first time the parents of kids in Public Schools saw their kids being affected. Every research group after would always mention class size as the single most important issue facing education today. It helped rally the troops and gave the teachers a far better perception than previously held. In communications we have put forth since that time we endeavour to keep that issue top of mind.


All Videos

All Videos

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Face of Education

Six years later we were again faced with more uncertainty of funding. With an election due any moment the ATA needed to secure the publics trust and make sure whomever they voted for would hold School Funding a priority. However there are even more rules around what is perceived as electoral advertising so we had to tread carefully. In a bold move we suggested that maybe the Government wasn’t the real face of education but we are. We are the ones you should trust when it comes to those decisions. Again just saying that would ruin every good thing we’ve done. So we wrapped the message in child’s story. Again the first time the ATA has ever done that. The scripts were written around every single message the ATA needed to present. And if you listen carefully past the emotions you can hear our needs brought forth. By letting the kids say their teachers are great the ATA in turn looks good.


These videos launched as 2 minute movies, 30 sec pre-rolls online and even as ads in Cinema Theatres. The response has been overwhelming. We have since taken the ‘Face of Education’ onto billboards, magazines and even grocery bars.



Calgary Board of Education

Word of mouth brought them to our door only after their internal communications couldn’t solve their need. They required a website and other supplemental material to announce and expand on their thoughts on a new curriculum. We started with a logo and carried our ideas through to a full website that they could in-turn, populate and update.



Calgary Public Schools Local 38


We organized the organizers. A complex ask to make simple we were charged with creating a standard they could follow and monitor themselves over time. They didn’t want a new logo but we had to find a way to make everything they touched cohesive. Although they required and amazing amount of distinct materials the most important document was their new Brand Standards book.


The Edge School

While we recognize the importance of the academic/athletic nature of the school we also saw the opportunity to advertise and market the unique ability the Edge has to motivate.


So within these is the motivational message of, “DO MORE”. Similar to the Nike campaign of “Just Do It” these messages make the audience question the value of how they go about their lives right now. For parents of this target we had hoped they’d see the kid stereotypes and would encourage their children to pursue the Edge path of behavior. Afterall, who hasn’t told their kids, “ It’s so nice out, stop playing on your phone and go out and play.”



AU Courant magazine costs


Design Concept

To provide two designs / creative options for client consideration.

Includes all art direction, design time, photoshop, illustration,

layout, graphic assembly, and project management.


Total: $2,370



Copywriting — Option 1

Based on WIC supplying articles and index of copy. Tag will

Provide all copy proofing, minor edits and proofreading.


Total: $1,100

Copywriting — Option 2

WIC to provide article index and story outline. Tag copywriter

will write each article for WIC’s approval. Includes one round of

client revisions.


Total: $2,400

Production — Content Assembly

Based on approved design and copy, Tag will assemble

all text, graphics and photos. Includes all assembly time,

art direction, proofing and project management. Final

files for web and print.


Total: $1,750

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